We take pride in offering comprehensive consulting services tailored to your individual needs. Our goal is to support you in realizing your vision for a healthy, ecological, and sustainable home or work environment.

Choose Christian Neuner Architecture and benefit from our in-depth expertise, extensive experience, and passion for sustainable, ecological, and healthy space design. Contact us today to learn more about our customized consulting services.

Our consulting services include

Ecological and bioclimatic consultation

Our experts advise you on ecological and bioclimatic technologies that reduce energy consumption, minimize environmental impact, and create a healthy indoor climate. We consider passive solar energy, photovoltaics, natural ventilation, and much more.

Material selection and sustainability consultation

We assist you in choosing healthy and sustainable building materials that are free from toxic compounds. Our advice includes evaluating materials for their environmental compatibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy

Our experts provide consultation on innovative solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy to optimize your property’s energy consumption and minimize environmental impact. We inform you about the latest technologies and trends and support you in integrating these solutions into your project.

Interior design and residential psychology

We advise you on designing interiors based on residential psychology, Feng Shui, and sustainable materials. Our experts help you create spaces that reflect your personal taste, promote well-being, and optimize daily use.

Construction planning and project management

Our consultants support you in planning and implementing your construction project. We offer strategic advice on optimizing space and land use, budgeting, permits, and construction supervision. Our team works closely with you to make your project efficient and successful.

Sustainability strategies for businesses

We consult with companies on developing sustainability strategies for their office and commercial spaces. We analyze the existing situation, identify areas for improvement, and develop tailored solutions that balance employee satisfaction, environmental protection, and cost-effectiveness.