With our extensive experience in renovating houses and interiors, we are the ideal partner to transform your existing spaces into functional, aesthetic, and healthy living environments.

Choose Christian Neuner Architecture and benefit from our long-standing experience, in-depth expertise, and passion for sustainable, ecological renovation. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored services and transform your existing spaces into inspiring, healthy, and harmonious living environments.

Our renovation services include

Analysis and Planning

We begin every renovation project with a detailed analysis of the existing building and room layout. Our experienced team then develops a tailored plan that takes into account both your individual needs and the requirements for modern, sustainable, and ecological living and working spaces.

Sustainable and Ecological Renovation

We place great emphasis on using sustainable and ecological materials when renovating your premises. We provide guidance on selecting materials and equipment that are free from toxic compounds and have a positive impact on the indoor climate and environment.

Space Optimization and Functionality

Our team of architects and designers develops spatial concepts that optimally utilize existing spaces and enhance their functionality. We offer innovative solutions for improving space organization, room division, and room furnishing to make your spaces more comfortable and efficient.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

With our experience in renovation, we implement innovative technologies and solutions to increase your property’s energy efficiency and reduce its ecological footprint. We integrate eco-friendly technologies such as photovoltaic systems, passive solar energy, and energy-efficient home technology to lower long-term energy costs and create a sustainable living environment.

Construction Management and Supervision

We take on the construction management and supervision for your renovation project to ensure that all work is completed on schedule, within budget, and according to the highest quality standards. Our team works closely with construction companies, craftsmen, and other professionals to successfully realize your renovation project.