Christian NEUNER

Lagos, Algarve PORTUGAL

Architect and CEO

Master’s degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Innsbruck, Austria, and Faculdade de Arquitetura at the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Since 2002, he has been developing sophisticated projects in Austria, Italy, Germany, and Portugal with high construction knowledge and contemporary design.

Architekt Mário Difran


Sao Paulo, BRAZIL


Architect and urban planner from the Paulista University (UNIP) in São Paulo, Brazil. He worked as a developer for creative projects at the Decorati startup for one year, two years at the Blink Reformei startup, as an architect for execution projects at the Loft startup for one year, and at the Grupo Avenida holding company for one year, all in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. He joined the Neuner LA office in 2021, where he is involved remotely via BIM-Server in creating execution projects. He attributes his partnership in the further development of the Neuner LA office to the professional and human experience he has accumulated over five years.

Architektin Rosy Lopes


Sao Paulo, BRAZIL


Bachelor in Architecture from Unicid, University of São Paulo, Brazil. She has been developing complex projects in the field of interior design and contemporary design in São Paulo, Brazil, since 2015, and has been started to work remotely via BIM-Server with Neuner, Lda. in Portugal since 2022, with a high degree of knowledge in interior design and contemporary design.